Jadwa Alimar Alarabia

For Real Estate Development



We have a future vision that keeps pace with the Kingdom's vision for the year 2030 through full commitment to carrying out the tasks entrusted to us to the fullest, which everyone can be proud of, and to become a role model around the world.



- To be a pioneer company in the contracting field by developing advanced construction ideas and methods.
- Developing training programs to raise the efficiency of the work team to implement projects with high professionalism and conformity according to international engineering standards.
- Credibility of dealing, with gaining the trust of customers, committed to the specified time and providing excellent work.



- Providing the best performance for the implementation of all works.
- Continuity of the distinguished relationship with clients.
- Gaining trust with the highest level of customer satisfaction.
- Belief in love of work, sincerity and seriousness in performance.

الطريق إلى النجاح

Road to Success

The company's projects are considered as its title, as it drives customers to continuous and fruitful cooperation, as a result of its quality in implementation, adherence to approved schedules, and constructive development using the best approved materials that conform to international standards, under the supervision of efficient specialists with experience in various fields. This crowns our efforts and the confidence of our customers in continuous success, and the launch towards development and inspiration for new future projects.

المسؤولية المجتمعية

social responsibility

The company has laid its foundations on scientific basis that benefit the community by establishing service projects, including hospitals, schools and universities, that are worthy of what the Kingdom seeks on the ground in the fields of charitable and civil works, various programs and planning that is compatible with modernity, beauty and safety to enhance the quality of life and push the wheel of development and progress.

رؤيــــة 2030


The company makes its best efforts to achieve the social responsibility that it bears for the well-being of the people of this country at the hands of pioneers, experts, engineers and specialized designers. International offices of expertise are always thinking about what the simple citizen dreams of, and providing ways of happiness, well-being and prosperity to develop future programs, and to achieve comprehensive sustainable development as a basic goal that the Kingdom supports in every way within the framework of its future vision for the year 2030 in response to the call of this country and in return for its favor to us.



The Jadwa Arabian Development Company does not leaves fields for reconstruction but has distinguished fingerprints, whether for the establishment of projects, maintenance or operation with high efficiency, in order to achieve that future vision that the Kingdom seeks for the happiness of the people of this country.
The company implements all types of public and private contracting, including:
(Roads, asphalt projects, electricity, communications, solar energy, or laying oil and water pipelines, constructing ports, airports, runways, hospitals, train projects, constructing, bridges, communication towers, tourist cities, and sea resorts. The company also performs ship maintenance, establishes petrochemical and oil factories, and explores for it. The company also maintains and operates hotels, tourist resorts, public and private parks, and private palaces).

Yasser Al-qahtani


The level of finishes, as usual, is above excellent.

Falah Al-Shammari


Sincere thanks and appreciation to Jadwa Al-Emaar Real Estate Development Company for its high-end excellence in building and constructing my villa

Salma Al-Dosari


I found all the support and encouragement from the honorable brothers in charge of this company, which left the best impact on me to settle with them in my career

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Saudi Arabia - Riyadh

6459 - Ibrahim Al-Jenini Al-Muhammadiyah District - 4205